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SHIPmEnTT : StrengtHening Intellectual Property and technology transfer processes in green sea mobiliTy sectors

The official website of the SHIPmEnTT Project - under the EU Interreg ADRION programme. The project aims at generating an innovative ecosystem in the field of Ecofriendly Maritime Mobility in the Adriatic-ionic area, by bringing together partners from 8 States in the area of intervention.

Project’s Aim

The SHIPMENTT project aims at establishing an innovation ecosystem focused on the green sea mobility sector (reffered partially as green shipping in EUSAIR) across the ADRION area. In the medium-term, the aim is to enhance the investments in regional R&D and increase the competitiveness of the local SMEs.
Today, the innovation activity in the region is fragmented and confined to the national borders allowing limited space for regional cooperation and economic growth. SHIPMENTT will establish a network of cooperating parties with a clear plan to shape the necessary conditions for a fruitful blue growth innovation ecosystem in the spirit of transnational cooperation. Hence, the project features partners from all 8 countries of the ADRION area.


The SHIPMENTT project is designed to improve SMEs innovation capacity in the ADRION area through specifically designed technology transfers and innovation management support actions tailored to the needs of the research and the SME community. The activities will extend beyond the narrow borders of national markets, interconnect and integrate in an inclusive inter-regional strategy. The project will exploit synergies and complementarities (transnational cooperation) among participating partners, as well as beneficiaries (SMEs, business innovation support organizations - intermediaries – and public authorities).
SHIPmEnTT’s execution is directly connected to the development of territorial cooperation in the innovation field, in the ADRION area. The project directly contributes to the programme’s specific objective of “support the development of a regional innovation system for the Adriatic-Ionian area”.
The SHIPMENTT project focuses on two crucial elements for the economic development of the ADRION area (blue technologies and green sea mobility) and implies the following actions (central to the overall success of the endeavour):
• Support the protection and exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR - patents, trademarks, models/designs granted by law to rights holders) and the wider concept of Intellectual Property (a general concept including many intellectual property instruments not necessarily ruled by law);
• Support access to finance (A2F) both from private and public sources. After the completion of the project:
     o SMEs will strengthen their skills and enhance their competitiveness and potential in the global market;
     o Intermediaries will improve the quality and scope of their work;
     o Policy makers will better understand the stakes and opportunities, and will be in a position to devise an long-term accurate strategy for the region.

Excepted results:

1. Direct 1:1 support on a) IP management and b) access to finance to 250 SMEs: to improve their chances of collborating with research institutions and attracting financial resources [short-term impact]
2. Facilitatiοn of industry-academia collaboration for 50 SMEs: via the SHIPMENTT platform [medium-term impact]
3. An all-inclusive strategy: for the development of a regional innovation ecosystem fuelled by blue-technologies in the green sea mobility field [long term impact]
The project will a) design or improve tools in the IP/access2finance space, b) implement them in a pilot environment (e.g. 1:1 support and an online showroom), c) extract conclusions about the effectiveness of their use in the region’s socio-economic and cultural context, and d) formulate a strategy for the long-term development of innovation conditions in the region.


  • LP. Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas/Greece
  • PP2. Consorzio per l’AREA di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica di Trieste / ITALIA
  • PP3. ASTER S.cons.p.a. / ITALIA
  • PP4. Privredna komora Republike Srpske /BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA
  • PP5. Regionalna razvojna agencija Zlatibor d.o.o./ SERBIA
  • PP6. Privredna komore Crne Gore /(CRNA GORA)
  • PP7. Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Venezia Rovigo Delta-Lagunare/ITALIA
  • PP8. TehnoCenter Univerze v Mariboru TCUM / SLOVENIJA
  • PP9. Agjencia e Zhvillimit Ekonomik Lokal AULEDA /ALBANIA
  • PP10. Javna ustanova Razvojna agencija Šibensko-kninske županije / HRVATSKA


  • Zavod za intelektualnu svojinu Republike Srbije / SERBIA
  • Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean/Cypus
  • Federazione del sistema marittimo italiano/ ITALIA
  • TECES, Tehnološki center za električne stroje / SLOVENIJA
  • Primorska gospodarska zbornica / SLOVENIJA