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Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece - Albania 2014-2020”

Aim of the Project

The project’s overall objective is the exploitation and highlighting of Municipality advantages, aiming to promoting the exports of local cultural products, the increase of national and foreign visitors to local events, the quality of life enhancement for the citizens and the medium-term increase of the number of citizens in the specific Municipality. This process will also create new investment and job opportunities as a result of the economies of scale that will emerge. This will be achieved by creating a strong transnational bond between Greece and Albania in the field of culture, tourism and folk tradition and by combining the knowledge and workforce of regional institutions – bodies and local population.
The challenges addressed through common interventions will go beyond the
main objective of the project, as it will indirectly support inclusive growth, social integration and human resource issues, through the active promotion of economic growth. One main objective of the project is the direct support of entrepreneurship, business survival and competitiveness, through careful assessment of the market conditions and by creating strong cooperation environment between companies of the culture industry. This will be achieved by the creation of clusters and incubators for the local needs of each region. The incubators will also support individuals to initiate their business ideas with less risk and with realistic and attainable business plans.
The project will build a cross border tourism market, by commonly promoting local culture of the region. The networking actions will ensure sufficient transnational interaction between the clusters, and the branding strategy will promote a regional identity of the common folk traditions of Greece and Albania. A common marketing campaign will also be encouraged, as well as the participation of both Albanian and Greek companies at all three exhibitions that will take place during the last phase of the project.

Excepted outputs of project :

The project will produce a series of outputs that focus on the promotion of businesses in the field of culture, tourism and folk tradition and the creation of new businesses.
1) Project Website for the dissemination of all project activities and for the advertising the cluster and participant businesses.
2) 3 studies that will assist in achieving the project objectives. In short they include: mapping and evaluation of possible beneficiaries at local level, innovative branding focused on creative and cultural sector for each region and studying pre-existing local actions and events and organizing them in a common agenda.
3) Development of a sustainable model for the long term viability of the incubators and clusters and the promotion and networking in a national and European level. Will also encourage sustainable strategies in culture and tourism at the cross border area, involve all beneficiaries in the sustainability of the project, capitalization activities that meet the real needs of the beneficiaries, model for self-financing of incubator activities.
4) Creation of clusters for the exploitation of the dynamic offered by the economy of culture and the creative industries and development of local action plans.
5) Creation of incubator and co-working spaces that will support existing and under-development social enterprises.
6) Formation of a Greek – Albanian transnational network for the common promotion and development of services and products. The network will aim to achieve economies of scale and to capitalize on partners’ know-how and experiences.

All the above outputs clearly promote entrepreneurship and new investment and is thus directly linked to the project objectives. The main project output is the coexistence of the cluster and incubator in the concerned sector in each region, which will directly increase cross border capacity to support entrepreneurship, business survival and competitiveness.


  • LB (P1)Development Company Chamber of Arta/Greece
  • PB2 Ionian University Research Commettee/ Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology/Greece
  • PB4 Auleda Local economic development agency/Albania
  • PB5 Municipality of Korca/Albania

Project Public Presentation and Art Exhibition:

InClust Auleda Outputs

Mapping and evaluation of beneficiaries at local level

Question Mapping InClust