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RESULTS of our activities

In AULEDA's 10 years of activity :

  • Inter-municipal and regional Strategic Plans have been developed following the participatory methodology
  • Local economic potentialities have been mapped
  • Around 150 enterprises have received technical assistance, and 16 of them have also received financial support thanks to the Guarantee Fund
  • 214,000 USD have been delivered to entrepreneurs as credits, with 100% return rate;
  • 150 jobs have been created
  • 2500 people have received professional training or have been trained in enterprise management
  • The constitution of 4 social enterprises has been promoted, and the enterprises have been financially supported
  • 35 projects have been implemented, for a total amount of 1,500,000 Euro managed by AULEDA

In particular, in the last three years :

  • 38 local administration and 25 local NGOs have been trained and supported in managing local economic development
  • 9 value chains have been created and 8 have been supported in Vlora region
  • 38 enterprises have been created and 24 have been supported in Vlora region
  • 130 enterprises have been technically supported
  • 114,000 USD have been used for sustaining 8 enterprises, out of 207,000 USD at AULEDA's disposal to access to credit
  • 100 jobs have been created (45 of which for women) and 150 have been maintained (56 of which for women) thanks to AULEDA's support
  • 1000 people (375 of which women) have been trained in enterprises management

11 capacity building trainings have been organized, respectively for:

  • Shushica farmers, on new agricultural technologies
  • Lumi i Vlores sheeps and cows farmers, on new vaccines for their animals
  • Lumi i Vlores women employed in the medicinal herbs sector, on new processing technologies
  • Women from Vlora, on the management of B&B structures
  • Young people from Orikum, on employment opportunities in the touristic sector
  • Youth from rural areas, on new communication technologies
  • Regional administration, on how to managing European support funds
  • Regional staff of programming and development office, on regional Strategic Planning
  • Local administrations, on ISO Standards
  • AULEDA Assembly members, on Project Cycle Management
  • AULEDA Technical Group, on project evaluation process

Economic and territorial analysis have been developed, and the related studies have been published :

  1. Feasibility study for use of ICT from public administration in the service to citizens.
  2. Survey for use of ICT from SME-s focused on web commerce and e commerce
  3. Feasibility study about tourism development in Pogradec
  4. Survey about value chains in Vlora Region
  5. Rural Strategy development of LAG “Adrijon area
  6. Master plan for economic development of Lumi i Vlores area